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Anata ni aitai (I want to see you) escape game

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  • NannaJoy
    3 papers, calculater, key that unlocks switch that dims lights. Clock removed and #s behind. Just two views?
    and I'll hang it up now.
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  • Yvonne
    I'm going to follow RBS out off here....

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  • Spencer Cat
    note 1 says:
    "X/X(date) I received an email:

    Hello. I was watching you all day today. You were buying stockings at a store near the train station. I noticed that there were runs. But you shouldn't go for cheap ones. It's so easy to ruin them. Next time I will give you really good pairs. They will fit so well on your beautiful legs.
    I love your legs so much..."

    note 2:
    this letter was left at the front door.

    Good morning. I am leaving you a small gift. They are shoes and stockings which will match your feet perfectly. They were made to order for you specifically.

    Now your feet will look more beautiful. I am so excited just thinking about it. Please put them on.

    from a fan of your feet.

    note 3:
    X/X (date)
    a message leat in my answering machine

    Good evening.
    You left my gift outside for garbage collection. It's ok. Just the shoes and stockings you are wearing now don't fit well for your feet. Imagining your feet suffering from Hallux valgus will break my heart.

    Please take good care of your feet.

    That's my only wish...

    note 4:
    this letter was left in my mailbox.

    Yesterday your boyfriend was resting his head on your lap. I am not impressed that you put such a thing on your lap.

    No, I am not jealous.

    Your feet and legs can't be replaced.
    But their beauty is not forever. You need to try to keep their beauty.

    You shouldn't stress them. Everyday you have to take care of them very well.

    If you can't do that....

    note 5:
    this note was in my pocket.

    Why aren't you taking care of your feet?
    even if he is your boyfriend you can't let him touch them. That's very insulting. I am so disappointed in you.
    You don't deserve your beautiful feet.
    You don't deserve them.
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  • RBS
    Originally posted by Spencer Cat View Post
    "Ok let's begin."
    Ok let's stop.

    Between the language and the clock math I am already in too deep.

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  • Spencer Cat
    started a topic Anata ni aitai (I want to see you) escape game

    Anata ni aitai (I want to see you) escape game

    (Room Escape) "When I got out from the bathroom I went to the livingroom. There is a red lamp flashing on the answering machine. I listened to the message.

    "Hi, it's me. I am coming by now. Didn't you receive strange phonecalls, or people following you today? I've talked to a detective I know so let's go visit him today with some evidence. I will talk to you more when I see you. Bye."

    It was him. From the tone of his voice he seems to be very concerned.

    He is very kind...

    If he is coming by now I should find "IT". And I'll wait for him...

    Many things in this room are locked. When he found out about a stalker he was worried and he said everything needed to be locked.

    Not only cabinets and treasure boxes but fridge is also locked and the entrance door has 3 locks. I had a hard time entering my room today myself.

    I understand he is worried but sometimes it's too much. I wish he understands sometimes.

    Well, that's ok. I wouldn't say anything.

    Ok let's begin."
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