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  • Puzzle Doors

    Puzzle Doors is an escape game. Point and click around the room to find different items that can be used in order to escape the room!

    Puzzle Doors

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]
    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

    He who fights and runs away can run away another day.

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    Hahaha! Got the first one... stuck on the second one already! Darn math


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      stuck on three...know what to do...just not what to spell...

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        Stuck on 2 also, done it but don,t know how
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        Up the Villa !!


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          i'm stuck on level 9 if anyone can help! lol.

          basically, multiply and subtract until you get a number ending in 8. then subtract only afterwards.
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            Stuck on three too but I don't know what to do
            Okay got it now...

            I mustn't forget to press "enter" after giving an answer

            Now stuck on lvl 5
            Okay, hint on paper means

            Level 6 is funny once you've got it. Look at the number above the door.
            For level 8 I had to use google but first press the down arrow on your screen and then go left.

            Originally posted by Blaise View Post
            i'm stuck on level 9 if anyone can help! lol.
            To me the hint on the paper looks like something written backwards or up side down or in mirror writing.
            If you look closely you can see that it spells
            It isn't hard to think what should be on the ? but now how to write it to get the door open.

            For level 10 I had to use google again.

            For level 11

            For level 12 look

            For level 13 you have to go back to another room again. The paper on the door is a map of the doors. The bottom 4 are the ones you see when you started the game. You went in on the left door so don't count that one.
            For level 14 look

            Stuck on level 15 now and not seeing it anymore. It's 1.20 am here so I'm going to bed and return to this tomorrow.


            I'm back and sadly no one has played this. Still stuck on 15. I know it has something to do with chess but I'm not spelling it right or I do something else wrong.
            Looked at EG24 for any hints but still don't get it.
            duh I feel so dumb. I was writing a word but I only have to use the first letter 8 times

            For level 16 you'll have to go to one of the four starting doors. Think morse code

            For level 17 you'll have to go back to a previous door again. There was a room with a ?box.
            Get item from box and go back.
            For level 18 I had to look at EG24 again because I wasn't getting it. It has something to do with changing your clock on your pc but it didn't work for me. The creator gave a way out without changing your clock

            Level 19 was very hard and I didn't make it. You have to do some counting and other stuff that I don't get so I used the answer from EG24

            Can't figure out level 20 and not much help on EG24 on that one so I'll give up for now.
            Very nice game.
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            From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me


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              level 4 what is the answer??? help please..


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                I don't get Level 5.... I went back to Level 3, but
                DUH... got it

                Level 4 is

                Okay, working on Level 6... Not sure what they're looking for
                I most definitely need help here... OH! Just a lot of
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                  go to level 3 e turn left. but i do not understand what to do now..... level 6 you must click the door number.
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                    Spell out the number


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                      help level 7 ok done now level 8.. help with level 8 please..
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                        LEVEL 20

                        The nine cards are being dealt using the numbers of letters in each card number. For example, three cards are removed from deck before 1 (o n e) appears, three cards are removed from deck before 2 (t w o) appears, five cards are removed from deck before 3 (t h r e e) appears, four cards are removed from deck before 4 (f o u r) appears, etc.

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                          Originally posted by rosablu View Post
                          help level 7 ok done now level 8.. help with level 8 please..
                          If I remember correctly you get three names after doing the maze, google that to get the fourth name

                          For further help see my post #6

                          @jleereaves...thanks for explaining number20
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                          From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me


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                            Don't get 6 or 7 whatever level it is!?

                            Is the answer a number/word/number word/direction??

                            Hint please.


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                              level 9 help.. please