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    I have the code, the key... but it's not letting me out. I think I need a 4th cube... hints?


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      Two cubes arrive when you open the small cupboard on the Right hand side.
      Still can't get out I think there must be a bug

      You should have


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        It only gave me one from the cupboard on the right - four total. bug?

        Edit: NVM - I didn't have the one

        And out!
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          gaby - it may be a bug I'm going to leave it here- I might try again tomorrow.
          Good night.


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            I go to sleep.. Maybe i'ill try some other day to get out of this game. Good night. =)


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              Yup da room escape artist is stuck I have the code and the key clicking frantically on the door and nuttin happens. So I'm stuck in this room and can't swim out ahhhh
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              Lost in a room trying to escape

              Beam me up scotty!


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                You need to make sure the 3 piece number jigsaw type puzzle is completed in the centre of the screen before it will allow you to enter the door code. Was driving me mad but no problems after I moved the pieces up the screen a bit! Everything clicked into place.


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                  Accidentally clicked advertisements and lost my game a few times which absolutely sucked.

                  Out with help. Don't think that
                  was a great number for the code. Should've had to add the numbers on them or something. Oh well.

                  Also buggy when you return to the main view. All the items flash on the screen. To be expected from 123 bee!

                  Pretty good game.