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StoneAgeGames - Alone in the Store - Escape game

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  • StoneAgeGames - Alone in the Store - Escape game

    A new Escape Game from StoneAgeGames, Alone in the Store.

    Oh no, you stayed in the store bathroom too long! The store has now closed and you are locked in!. You need to escape quietly out of the store, so you are not accused of stealing things.

    Play Here:

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler]Enter text here[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for at least 7 days.

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    Seriously? I can't be stuck already... all I have is
    Nope... missed a view!! Playing with 'stuff' now!

    Lots of combining stuff in this one (really liked it though)! Needed a wee bit of help from the walkthrough, but got out! Nice game!
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      woof !!!

      enjoy life


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        Note To Self: Dont wear headphones with sound full blast when the logo plays and the logo yells YEA! It scares ya.

        Anyway, i escaped. Good but easy.
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          Out without help.

          Thing is with SAG, if you just keep clicking, even if it is just randomly, even the most unlikely things will combine and be used in ridiculous places and you will, eventually, escape.


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            Out, just needed help with the "swab"


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              Out. Ending was kinda cool.


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                Easy for some - but not for me. I've joined numerous items - some made no sense at all - and why there were placed where they were is a puzzle to me. Think I'll pass this one.


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                  I have a book and a coin but can't see anything else to click on .. yet.

                  Okay .. random clicking and now I don't have either the book or the coin any more but I'm no further on.
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