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Spanish Room Escape

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  • Spanish Room Escape

    Escape from the room filled with different Spanish symbols. Solve puzzles and combine items to find your way out. Good luck!

    Play here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]


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    Funny that I couldn't cut the guitar strings with
    Got the ball anyway. Infact, I have 3 balls (um, that doesn't sound right) and
    I have yet to see a clue to the 4-number code and I haven't formed a meaningful relationship with the sombrero yet. There are 2 other hot spots
    that I still haven't used. I plod on...
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      I'm just starting and have about half of what you have slerk. I'll keep on looking.

      A black key got me a picture puzzle.
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        Ack! I can't believe I was missing 2 important tools! I have all 5 balls now but that's not enough. I have to do something with the crown. Hmmm, there are only 2 remaining hot spots

        EDIT: I keep finding more hot spots. I am sooooooo stuck on the 4-number code. Even breaking down and watching the walkthrough AND reading the explanation in another forum, I still can't get it. Uncle. I give up.
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          And the digits in the 4-number code only go from 1 to 8 (no zero or 9) hmmm.....

          Slerk, have you used any of the tools more than once?

          I did not like that 4-digit code - had to try lots of directions and possibilities in counting the mosaic pieces.
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            slerk, wich tools were you missing? I am exactly where you were before you wrote about the two tools...
            EDIT: i saw that i have four marbles
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              I was missing

              I used my tools only once.
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                I have

                So did I
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                    slerk: I click like a maniac but without any success
                    found it, but it was
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                      (if I remember correctly)


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                        Found the last marble, but what now?


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                          You have to figure out the 4-number code but I cannot help you there. I just couldn't get it, even when given the answer and some kind of explanation. Good luck to you, however.


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                            In my inventory I have

                            I have not seen the place with the 4 digit code nor do I know what to do with

                            I also found a
                            no idea what to do there nor with some of the hotspots slerk mentioned.
                            Is there something to do with the paintings above the bed?
                            I feel kinda stuck.
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                            From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me


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                              I have 4 marbles, unused chisel. Not sure what that close up of two tiles is telling me. No idea for the 4 digit code.