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  • MouseScape

    Mouse Scape - Deadly Mousetrap is another room escape game developed by Wild Harmony Studio. In this escape game the things are different...Home owners have gone on holiday and this is a problem since you have been stuck in the kitchen! And everything is huge to you in the house..because you are a tiny and desperate mouse!! have to collect objects and solve the not will be an easy task, knowing your little size and too that in the door there is a surprise waiting for you...can you escape from the kitchen? You can play this game in English or Spanish.

    Good luck

    please use spoilers to give hints

  • #2
    21 puzzlers and 2 papers. Gets old after going in circles 6 times. Hard to leave hints for this one.

    More of a Hidden Objects game for those of you starting but gonna leave it in this thread for now.


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      I have 3 papers
      And only missing one piece of puzzle

      Clicking madly everywhere!

      Edit: I'm free!
      Hmm, liked being a mouse, but the game... not much
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        Finally found #18. All that work for a toothpick! Glad to be out and not a mouse anymore also


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          I'm out, but, how did that little mouse jump up to the light. Speaking of the mouse, I may need to go buy a new one after that many clicks

          Strange as Angels, Dancing in the Deepest Oceans


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            Found 2 papers.... and I know mice can climb things!! One puzzle piece... I'm not liking this one
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