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  • The Insanity 2

    The Insanity is a new point and click type escape the room game. This is a hybrid Action/Point&Click Horror Adventure game targeted not only for the casual P&C gamers but also fans of Resident Evil, Dead Space, Silent Hill etc. The story starts with you waking in a gore-infested room covered in badges. As you make your way to escape you uncover details such as the house is the lair of a maniacal ex-chief of surgery the media have labeled `THE DOCTOR`. Will you survive? (Description by MegiPoland from Good luck and enjoy.

    WARNING: This game contains violence, gore, and is meant as a horror game. This is not suitable for young people or people of a sensitive nature.


    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    goody ,horror ...ok going in
    and turning the volume down
    Last edited by old biker; 09-21-2010, 19:43:36.


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      I haven't played it yet - at work. Are you turning the volume down because it's creepy and scary, or because it's annoying?


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        Ack! Got something stuck through my head... retrying. Having a hard time finding anything to use except one

        Randomly found

        Anyone else having any more luck?
        Last edited by SueJ999; 09-21-2010, 20:15:30.


        • #5
          A..LOT...OF ...NOISE...

          sue ,you know what curiosity did ...

          opened gate with numb.code ,found more weird things

          and dead fot the 5th time ,hope i have 4 more to go
          Last edited by old biker; 09-21-2010, 20:35:49.


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            Haha... I should have known better! But now, I can't find anything else to do..

            How'd you figure out the number code? I was trying years of newspapers, etc... Got that.

            Lost in the basement somewhere now! Have

            Not sure where I used

            Giving up
            Last edited by SueJ999; 09-21-2010, 21:01:03.


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              the numb code you get from

              as good as out by elevator ,but didnt see hint for final game so , enough horror for tonight
              Last edited by old biker; 09-21-2010, 21:58:42.