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  • Escape from the Same Room 2

    Escape from the Same Room 2 is the second episode of Escape from the Same Room, an room escape game by Tesshi-e, who is also creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the fairy and many other games. In this game, you are in trapped in a restaurant and you need to escape the restaurant by finding and using items with solving puzzles.
    There are two endings in this game.

    Good luck

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for at least 7 days.

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    Nice game, but I do not have time to finish

    Strange as Angels, Dancing in the Deepest Oceans


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      visited 3 rooms and have one wall panel/picture open. Stuck on 4 number code


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        Out. and out again w/ happy coin!

        Hint for letter puzzle

        Hint for number puzzle

        Hint about "sliding knob"

        Hint about light bulbs

        Don't forget the happy coin!!
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          No I haven't found a paper yet. Accidently closed game, going back in to look.


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            I think you have to


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              Found it. It was

              How did I miss that?


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                I'm trying to edit my 1st post to show all the clues for the puzzles. If you get stuck again, check back up there!


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                  Thanks that helped alot up there. Think I still need a 3rd key and one more bulb (the pink or purple).

                  I don't understand the 2nd line of paper for the letter hint. Had to brute force also.

                  Edit: I am out, thanks for the help. Didn't like all the running around remembering which key to use.


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                    Good job! I loved the game, but also did not like that you had to keep reusing the keys.


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                      Out- good game, thanks for the tips!


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                        Thanks for the help Tank
                        From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me


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                          I'm stuck in first room (the one with a table and a teapot), with only 1 view, and nothing to click on.

                          Am I an idiot, or is my link broken ?

                          N/M. Answer: i'm an idiot

                          * * *

                          Originally posted by RBS View Post
                          Didn't like all the running around remembering which key to use.
                          I have to agree... every room is identical. Hard to distinguish where you are !!

                          Gave up for this reason alone, maybe my mood was off !
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                            Odd but I've 3 areas with a big "!" in the middle of white area - one of which must normally contain the game. What does that mean?


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                              I'm out, finally. I admit I'm not fond of walking in circles.
                              Don't forget you are awesome.