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    Escape the room type of game

    He who fights and runs away can run away another day.

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    i cant find the last 2 clues!!!!


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      I have a sneaky feeling this is just a demo from the Digital Detective series.

      More info:
      The following is my sig:

      Have you searched for the answer before you posed the question?


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        Originally posted by Unregistered
        i cant find the last 2 clues!!!!
        Neither can I


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          im stuck! ive been in all the rooms and taken pictures of everything i can and dusted everything i can..kay either im really stupid or this game sucks. it says i have three clues left..anyone that can help?


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            I also have 2 clues left
            but I really clicked everywhere....

            I guess, perhaps a bug?!


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              now dont read this if you still want to play, only if you really think you have searched everywhere and cant think of anything else:
              heres the solution:

              10 clues –
              first room on the left
              1. fireplace --> make note
              2. take picture of crest (above fireplace)
              3. scan symbols above couch

              second room on the left --> go through door in the back of the room into kitchen
              4. in fridge, dust gourmet food
              5. in freezer, dust pizza boxes

              in closet
              6. dust wheelchair

              7. click on video cassettes and make note
              8. take picture of tv
              9. make note of dusty letters in window
              10. make note of scifi book in mattress

              then the screen turns grey, there is nothing that says that you won but you have all clues then


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                this had to have been a demo....theres no way it ends like that. THATS BAD FOR BUSINESS.


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                  das kann absolut nicht sein!!! ich klick und klick wie bl?de, mach ?berall fotos und notizen und hab ebenfalls jedes ding best?ubt, so da? ich fast dran erstickt w?re... und ergebnis ist weit und breit nicht in sicht!

                  nach dem walkthrough (wenn mans so nennen kann) da oben hab ichs step by step genauso gemacht, wie es da draufstand - und was kommt raus? nix! nix die bohne! es wurde nicht mal grau oder sonstwas, nicht mal n 'the end, game over' war zu lesen! argl

                  very funny, really very funny (!!!), I've wasted my time here! sorry for writing in german, nothing's worser than my english ;o)

                  therefore, the result of this... game (*rolleye*) seems to be very surprising: it's bad, it's so absurd...


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                    *** mate?

                    That sucked to say the least. i was harsh expecting something cool lurking around the corner, but no! Nothing I dusted a stipud wheel chair and Bam! Grey screen. That game was such a waste of my presious time... what were the binoculars for exacly? Man this game was so not cool. K thanks buh bye


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                      this is the the most (^%^*&(% boring thing ever, "Find all things you can. And know that there might be something creepy behind your back." My ass maybe some emphasis on the "might"


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                        Really lame game I hoped we could do some CSI!! Like first finding the clues, then questioning the suspects then accuse someone!! And they said: Watch out for danger, it's everywhere !! Well, not really


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                          I think the creepy thing was the coyote...when you're in the room with the stairs there is a icon kinda thing off to the left outside of the game and it says you here someone rustleing..and it asked if you wanted to see what it was and it was the coyote


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                            taking pictures

                            How are all of you dusting and taking pictures, etc. I have a grayed out bar at the bottom with what looks to be a camera, a duster, and two other things but they don't do anything. I've clicked on them but they are still just grayed out. Can someone tell me what I might be doing wrong? thanks


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                              that was the ga*est thing in the world.... how stupid. i HATED it.
                              if it was the demo, i wonder if the games good and how you get it...
                              LOOK! A TRAMP!