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  • Easy Puzzle Game

    It’s time to tease your brain which help you escape from this room. Have fun!

    Play here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]


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    Just started... Have green key, and can't find a place to use it !!


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      Just starting too...

      EDIT: Cleverly solved 1 puzzle. Clueless what to do with the other puzzle (right now). I have 2

      Is it just because I am old or does this room seem kinda dark?

      EDIT: I'm stuck already EDIT: Now, not stuck

      EDIT: My old eyes had trouble with the colour code. Eventually brute-forced it. Out.
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        Originally posted by donaud View Post
        Just started... Have green key, and can't find a place to use it !!
        Want to make your own Internet game ?
        sigpic . .
        Game4 (Chez moi) now available (Demo tab).


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          Out. Very easy one today.

          (didn't realize we had to click on the drawers AFTER we use keys)


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            i cant even get the jigsaw puzzle done
            i m out of here


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              Boy! All that green and no in and out edges so you have a fighting chance. Thought I had it but nope. EDIT - at last!
              Interesting lounger in the bath area .. how come an item I need isn't under it or over it or in it or ..
              Thought I had to find some items for puzzle 2 - can't find a thing! boxes with a letter or # under the colored strip is not readable to me.
              I'll need a hint .. bye
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                Out with no help!! Hurray!!!