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  • Kids Puzzle Escape

    Brainteasing escape game from Rotuc, escape the room by solving tricky puzzles and using things in way out of the room. Good luck!

    Play here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]


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    Pretty easy one.


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      Out. Great game.

      I'll check back later to see if anyone needs help!


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        Um, where's my clue for the white/grey grid?

        EDIT: POP

        EDIT: I just have to open the drawer with the yellow lock but my yellow key isn't working. Is there a trick to it?

        EDIT: I am playing the game again and I have just noticed there is something different about that key.

        EDIT: Aaaargh. Now I can't find the blue key and I still don't know how to fix the yellow key problem

        EDIT: Phew, found the blue key

        EDIT: Yeesh. Finally out.
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          Yellow key:

          It is broken in half... fix it


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            the green key is that supposed to at this, but figuring out the rest.


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              I cant find where the black key goes? there no black draw and it doesn't fit in door? please help!

              and can some one help me and mntsky with the puzzle in the green key draw?! it doesnt make any sense


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                WOW! I did it! LOL

                You can only have one of each of the #'s in a square, sorta like a soduko puzzle
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                  I've also got pliers
                  But i dont know where to use them

                  i dont get it mntsky? why are they numbers like 2x and 3-?
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                    new to this, not sure how to use "spoiler", but the black key is for the door, after you cut the locks.

                    what x what = 2

                    what - what = 3
                    make sense now?
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                      i get it but it REALLY hard so i think the numbers in the corners like: 6x, 3 and 3- are to help me but i dont know how?

                      I have just done it but nothing happened, it must be wrong?


                      what so does 2x mean what x what = 2?
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                        Since I'm really bad at soduko and things, I got a bit of help from the walkthrough on that one... Otherwise, very nice game!

                        If all else fails, check the walkthrough!


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                          just keep working with it, I would give you the answer, but I am out, and I gotta go finish the laundry. Start with the squares with only one # in them....I don't much care for math puzzles myself.


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                            I'm giving up! LOL too hard i cant do the puzzle grrrr....


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                              For the Ken Ken Puzzle:
                              There is a spuare of 4 columns/rows, so you have only the numbers 1,2, 3 and 4 to put in every row and column.
                              The 6 means, the result of the math in the dark surrounded fields is 6,
                              the + means you have to add the numbers, the x means multiplicate and so on.