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Jigsaw Killer Escape 4

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  • Jigsaw Killer Escape 4

    Jigsaw Killer Escape-4 is the 50th escape game by games2rule ,and biggest game ever with 50 inventories
    find clues ,use them ,solve puzzles and ...escape

    Good luck

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for at least 7 days.

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    this is gonna take while ,and no save button .... but looks good


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      Wow. I have a ton of things in my inventory. This is going to be fun!!


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        Where am I now? How do I get back .. good heavens. What to note? Think I picked up something to use in first room. phone .. back shortly.
        OK - back and evidently my experiement with "blood" should be measured?
        got first puzzle piece! and second one from one of my questions. Slow going. Hitting the kitchen for a nibble.
        and I wonder if others have solved and disappeared into the night.
        Tank09 - that is where your missing piece is.
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            gear set up - I used every combination of 3 #s I thought was the clue. no go.
            need 3 more white sticks.
            The white hint papers - how do you get the large enough to see? Should I have drawn pictures of them before claiming them?
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              I've been at this one awhile now. I have six screwdrivers (all used at least once), four white sticks (have seen a diagram that looks like them, but don't know how to use them), syringe (used), test tube (used), blue cloth (used), knife, six white papers, gray box with different screw heads (opened for a puzzle piece), and green box. Really stuck now!!

              Tank09, if you're still here, please give a hint.
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                did you have a positive result with your test tube? I did a mixture before I found the code. Can't dump. *sigh* do color code - hint for that. You need 7 white sticks.

                Guess I need to start over. I'll check email first .. RATS!
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                  i found a bug in the place where you put the pipes. by clicking in the space above the closed panal i got the key without puting any pipes in to open it
                  Hugs make a great gift
                  One size fits all


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                    Originally posted by therealsonic View Post
                    i found a bug in the place where you put the pipes. by clicking in the space above the closed panal i got the key without puting any pipes in to open it
                    Did that key helped you to get out??
                    Couldn't it have been a key that was in your inventory? because when I try to do what you said, I'm clicking in my inventory.
                    I have been at this for a while now and I'm kinda stuck.
                    I have

                    I have seen 1 time hint but no idea how or where to use it. Clock isn't working.
                    Saw a 12-12 and a 13.31 hint but don't get that either.

                    @Tank, thanks for the help with the colorcode.

                    Gonna look at a walkthrough because I'm getting nowhere.

                    Okay, got another puzzle piece out of the brown box

                    I have used the 13.31 hint and the time hint.

                    I have all puzzle pieces now and got a key.

                    I am out but I used a walkthrough in the end.
                    What a great game.
                    Thanks for posting
                    From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me