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  • Relax Room Escape

    Another point and click type escape game by EGL. You are stuck in the relax room but you need to do some work. Find items and solve puzzles to escape. Enjoy!

    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    I've gotten

    Currently stuck with a

    Have seen

    Edit: Stuck no more Making progress... Now have
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      Hi Wippii. Same place as you. Any idea where to use the last one?

      Also the
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        No clue.

        Thanks for reminding me of
        . Had forgotten about them...


        Edit #2: Now stuck with
        Clicking like a maniac
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          How are the numbers a key. I have tried them on the drawer to the left. Not really working there.


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            There's another number code.

            Darn this
            And it's no use
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              Oh, OK. I guess I haven't found that yet. Well, there is that safe, but, I can't get those numbers to work there either.

              Still trying to figure out clock, color on top of piano number code on left drawer and what to do with string. Also what to do with spot on the left of the couch facing us. Basically I have only solved one puzzle so far(shapes), used a key and placed 3 square pieces.
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                You'll only get the drawer number code after


                • #9
                  OK. Well, howsa about a hint on where to use the string or something. I seem to be stuckish right now.

                  What did you do with the big spot on the couch?

                  Man, I'm stuck. I must be missing a critical view or something...
                  Last edited by Michelle; 11-18-2010, 20:33:05.


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                    You need the other item...but I can't remember where I found it.
                    Anyway, once you get the other item,
                    and use on

                    I'm gonna cut this
                    Last edited by Wippii; 11-18-2010, 20:34:19.


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                      LOL. Well, thanks anyway. Was this mystery item just laying around somewhere or was it behind one of these locked places??
                      Was it bigger than a breadbox?


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                        It was behind one of the codes...just can't remember which one. It's really small, and probably sharp.
                        Oh, and

                        Relax room...I don't think so. More like stress room.
                        Last edited by Wippii; 11-18-2010, 20:42:35.


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                          OK. So I need one more light square for the chess. Then maybe I'll make some progress.


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                            And that one is behind a code. Don't ask which one, I seem to forget where I found the things I've used.
                            Have you found the other number code yet?


                            • #15
                              Stuck where you are Michelle.

                              Appears we'll need a crowbar or a lot of candy to coax any info out of Wippii