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  • Escape from Castleshield

    Escape from Castleshield is a new adventure escape game from Wild Harmony Studio. In this adventure the castle has a silver sword... but before you must solve the puzzles.. Can you do it?

    Good luck

    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    This could be a real pixel hunt. Have

    Not seeing a clue for the 4 shields.

    POP. It was so obvious...

    Think I got bugged. I cannot drop the sword (which is actually 4" away from my cursor).

    * * *


    Great game, except searching for those gems and bones.
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      Ack! Clicked on an ad...

      Okay! Made it out! (with help...)
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        For me the hardest was to get the papers code on the chest lock!


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          pixel hunt in the beginning,but smooth sailing after that ,great game


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            At what point does it become smooth sailing? I have the chest opened...

            Edit: Oh, after the femur magically shows up in the inventory

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              Geez I cannot get the paper code ~ I have 3 pieces of paper with numbers on each one, I've tried to put the numbers on the lock on the chest but no combination is working ~ how do I figure it out?? Please I have
              #1 a 9 and a 2 beside each other at about middle of paper
              #2 a 6 top right a 6 down to the left and down again to the right is a 1
              #3 a in the same position top right as the top 6 but maybe down a little is a 7 down to the left is an and across from that is a 9
              I'm sure I've tried everyway to put them in ~ or am I supposed to add them or something???
              Help please
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                Out without help! Great game except for the stupid bones and keys which were really hard to tell apart from the background.
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                  Where do you use the pepper?


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                    Originally posted by markndebi View Post
                    Where do you use the pepper?


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                      can someone give me a clue as to where the leg bone to the door is please
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                        Still there therealsonic? If I remember correctly, you get it

                        But where is the third
                        EDIT: oooh, nvm It is located
                        Now looking for the number one gem....if I'm going to be scored on numbers of clicks, then I'm in BIG trouble

                        EDIT: Okay!
                        Now I'm dicking around with the sword code. EDIT:

                        EDIT: Hmmm. Not so drat. I needed THAT clue after all.....and out!
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                          oh i see i didnt know i could turn
                          what about the wolf
                          thanks slerk

                          got wolf
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                          Hugs make a great gift
                          One size fits all


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                            it's located in the scene to the right of the knight/armour


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                              Anyone still here? I'm completely buggered. I've found:

                              I feel like I have clicked on every single pixel on both screens, but I can't seem to find anything else or find a use for any of my three remaining items.
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