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Lock, Stuck And Ten Hints

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  • Lock, Stuck And Ten Hints

    This is a Japanese room escape game. Collect items, and solve puzzles to get out. Good luck!

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    No problem with the locks but struggling to break the final code!! Help!

    EDIT: Gave up on code and checked on EG24 for a hint. Never would have solved it by myself. Far too obscure for little ol' me and probably unsolvable too given my geographical location (she said cryptically!) Shame really because I thought it was a good game apart from that.
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      Originally posted by MotleyCrue View Post
      No problem with the locks but struggling to break the final code!! Help!
      No doubt.

      I'm stuck in the same place.

      Hint #9, the one with the hands... think that means to
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        Im not as good as you guys! I have
        Hints 1-4

        used key
        opened the locker closest to ashtray

        now im stuck. I want to reach things and smash the skylight.
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          Hi Tanuki

          I want to reach things and smash the skylight.
          You need to


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            I'm pretty sure it is keyboard related, but I can't make any sense of the hints.

            Filing this one in the "unsolved" bin.


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              Thanks for the hint MotleyCrue. Im still stuck. I got up to the skylight view and can see on top of the lockers but I cant do anything with that. I got something from the skylight earlier. Cant remember what it was though. Is that what you mean?


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                Have you opened the combo lock, TANUKI ?


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                  Thanks Donaud I dont think I got that code but I have given up on this one.
                  The ending seems far too complicated for my wee brain to handle while im at work.



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                    I please need a hint for the last locker/spint/wardrobe.

                    For the last password I am figuring out on this idea:

                    Ok, got it! blue and red means purple!
                    And the last hint says, what I thought before!
                    You have to look on your keyboard, p.e. around "G" are z/y at position 1, h at position 3, b at position 5, v at position 7, f at position 9 and t at position 11.
                    You see, you need a english keyboard .
                    I got the hint WFPNDOGEUTRN
                    The red ones are for the initials of the english written numbers 5 9 1 11 3 and 9.
                    So on position 5 next to W is D, W is Position 11 to D. So my next hint began with WfPnDoGeItRn => DeOtRf...
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                      Got out but with a lot of help with the door.
                      Looked at EG24 for a solution 'cause I was getting nowhere on my own.

                      Otherwise, this was a very nice game with a difficult ending
                      From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me


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                        Yep... binned this one... Got out with Yvonne's help, but I have no idea what I was doing!