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  • Farmhouse Secret

    You are in enjoying time in your childhood home, but the key has gone missing. In order to escape you have you solve puzzles and put together pieces from your childhood. Have fun and good luck!

    Play here

    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    Just started and found the HOUR code and take a piece of screwdriver

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    Edit : is a Chisel. And find 2 pictures

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    New progress : discovery the code of LETTERS inside the bed

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    Progress : take a hammer of puzzle of house

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    Smash up the wash machine with hammer and found one more picture !

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    Put chiesel on wall and crash the hammer and get one more picture !


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      OUt ! Nice game ^^


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        Easy game, took me a while before I found the clue to the last puzzle and out

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          cant find a clue for the piano keys


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            And OUT

            Nice gamee !!

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            Bird just luck on the bigger piano and follow the same on code of colors.... :x

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            If anyone wants help for this game...just ask


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              Help with hour code pls!


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                Hour code:


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                  thanks! tried the time on the clock 100 times.. cant believe i missed that!


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                    Great game, very logical, but last piece took me way too long to find, here's a tip for anyone as slow as me today, don't forget about the


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                      looking for a place to chisel & 2 puzzle pieces.
                      Now just 1 puzzle piece. Think I did all puzzles except one requireing shapes that I'm looking for.

                      Huggy, to put your pieces? that is in desk drawer.

                      I'm missing one that goes in upper left. wonder if I did a puzzle and didn't pick up something ..

                      OUT - yep - that is what happened. Silly me!
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                        in which wall is the picture

                        Huggy, to put your pieces? that is in desk drawer.
                        i know where to put them....thanks....but i can´t find the part of wall where i have to use the chisel
                        Last edited by huggy; 02-23-2011, 19:33:42.


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                          Yay In and out with no help!
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                            where DO you use chisel

                            thx NJ, just reread your post
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                              I'm out with no help (for a change). Huggy, go to

                              to Gamershood, Wammes, Gifaxl, and Huggy.
                              Don't forget you are awesome.