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Jan's Room ~ Syouwa Room Escape

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  • Jan's Room ~ Syouwa Room Escape

    This is another beautifully done game in the "Jan's Room" series. Use your escape the room skills to find, collect, and use items to solve puzzles and escape the room!

    Good luck and enjoy.


    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

    Click image for larger version

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    Going in....

    EDIT: Can't seem to get some water to make my tea. Hmmm

    EDIT: What's it say on the bundle of news papers?

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      Me neither, and I can't figure out what to do with the screws...

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      I don't know! I do believe I'm stuck.


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        I got the TV on and I don't know what it says..but it does give me another number (so now I have two)

        EDIT: Aha! You need this to make tea:

        Just when I thought I was out, there's another room! And now I think I'm trying to build a ladder

        EDIT: Looking for a place to use my now sturdy stool EDIT: POP Ggrrrr. The order of the numbers are messing with my head
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          Edit: Ok, still looking for that thing to make tea. and I am totally not understanding the door password clue on the wall
          The numbers on the cabinet with drawer won't change. No matter how many clicks, all digits remain at 0. Did you have this problem?
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            nope they work for me
            "conquer the adversity to reach the glory"


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              You need to know all the numbers before you can change them

              Out with help from escapegames 24. I have never heard of the ghost game so no wonder I couldn't figure out the last code
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                so i've found another set of screws. also found a clue...
                "conquer the adversity to reach the glory"


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                  I'm out- I needed help with that last code as well. I had to refresh and play because many of the places I clicked did nothing. Like


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                    and out ^^
                    "conquer the adversity to reach the glory"


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                      Really a good game, but out with some help :-(


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                        First trip around the room - also a puzzle and some colors. Now for second trip around the room.

                        Evidently sound is too low or there was no click - opened something. Not sure which thing did that at this point. Have a second number.
                        can not set anything on burner. Forgot about cupboard .. now have key. And breaking for dinner.

                        Dinner over, coffee on the porch, and back to game to be a carpenter. Now ?redecorator?
                        ARGH tried
                        May have to hunt for help on this. Did I miss note colors?
                        No .. I was going up instead of down ..
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                          enjoy life