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  • Stickman Escape

    GMW Stickman Escape is another point and click escape the room type game by Achyut Veluvali from GamesMostWanted. The aim of the game is to escape from the room by getting its door opened. Click on the objects to guess the clues. Good luck and have fun!

    Play here:

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    i beat it in 59 seconds... but man is this game weird.

    Edit: 44 on my 2nd gameplay. By the way, if you want, post your score in the scoreboard but when you leave be ready to wait for the game to load again. Other then that, good game but... jezus weird one.

    Edit2: Also if you wait in the start menu, it counts on your time for no reason.

    Edit3: ok after a few miss clicks in the 3rd run, i got 41 seconds. beat that.
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      61 but that's it... dun with this one

      enjoy life