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Apartment floor 97

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  • Apartment floor 97

    Another Apartment Escape Series is finally release! this time you are trap in a renovations floor with other peoples. Just remember, you are not alone..

    NEW UPDATE: Fix unsolvable puzzle

    Apartment floor 97

    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    Ok, having problem with the code on wall....I made all sum 15 but nothing happen, I dont have any clue for the toolbox either. :-(


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      Same. Solved the 9-square... nothing seemed to happen.
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        Have 4 gems, a now useless piece of paper detailing the square puzzle solution, and i'm stuck, going to try brute force the green bag...
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          how do you know that the sum has to be 15....can´t find any clue for that

          POP...found it

          used the hammer....stuck with four gems

          out with help from idea how do they found the solution for the tool box....the creators of the game should take a look at the logical of the game
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            The star puzzle opens the door in the ductwork (you can check this by messing up the completed star). Still not sure what the 9-square did.

            I only have 2 gems

            Did you guys open the panel in the ductwork ?
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              Originally posted by donaud View Post
              Did you guys open the panel in the ductwork ?
              read the comment from Acemarch


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                Stuck with four gems, nowhere to put them.
                Solved the numbers puzzle, tried to solve the colours puzzle (green bag) with no success.
                One of the workers is dead, the other is missing.
                Really... really stuck.
                Going to give up now, and return to fight another day...
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                  my star didn't open up door and I can't go back now.
                  & this time door opened, got gem, headed back but can't go back for enough to get out.
                  Too glitchy for me.
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                    Magic square

                    If you get the right solution and nothing happens, remember that a second solution exists by flipping numbers through the fixed diagonal (top Left - Bottom Right).
                    Not clear ?

                    But also stuck with same 5 items
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                      I got my number puzzle right, then the star puzzle, but no opening wall for me.

                      I got it.
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