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  • what order do da books need 2 be in?


    • please can you tell me where da knife is?


      • i av found da knife but how do u use it on da poster? IT WONT WORK



        • plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

          can u tell me how 2 finish i av no idea wot 2 do wiv da knife


          • wot can u see? plz help me


            • wheres da bed i cant c 1


              • Weird!

                Yeah so i couldn't find the coin but somehow when i hit the "Item" button all of the things i was missing was sorta showing on top of the screen so i clicked them and i got them right off there instead of looking for them in the room, i'm weirded out. Oh and i can't find one clue as to what Square means...


                • the filled in star means 0 and the star means 2


                  • Safe code

                    You can only put the code in once you've checked all of the hints and equations...including looking at the diary under the lamplight


                    • ahh i cant be pissed to do this it hard i cant even find the coin!!! can somone just give the whole walkthrough
                      The Master Dante is Here


                      • Walkthrough from before

                        1. Pick up the darts from dartboard

                        2. Get the black marker from the table

                        3. Go under the bed and pick up the diary

                        4. There's a paper in the red bin, pick it that up too

                        5. Now, behind the HiFi there's a silvered key, it's small, you can see it from the view, where you can see the door and the shelf. Pick it up ofcourse.

                        6. Open the drawer by draging the silvered key into(you probably found the drawer, there's only 3 of them)

                        7. From the drawer you found tweezers. No go next to piggy bank(doggy bank) and use the tweezers to get the golden key

                        8. Now open the second drawer with golden key and you'll find the knife

                        9. Now open the big drawer and get the tape.

                        10. Now pick up the picture from the frames on the shelf

                        11. Now use the view, where's the photo on the wall is front of you. Then you should see the symbols at left. Click to view them closer.

                        12. No look at left, there's under the mattress a coin. Pick that up. And you should remember the symbols, but this is a walkthrough, you probably don't need them

                        13. Now, click on photo to zoom. Drag the darts from your invetory to japanese man nose. And use the marker to scribble the photo. Anf finally take the knife and cut the photo. There's a safe, you need a code, even if you know already the code, it dosen't work, you have to see all the hints.

                        14. Now go back to shelf. There's a black light bulb. Use the coin, to unscrew the coins. And then take the light bulb.

                        15. Now insert the black light bulb into lamp. Now close the lights(there's a swicht next to door)

                        16. Go back to under the lamp. You see a symbols. will need them in future.

                        17. Now, when you are under the lamp, watch the diary, there's some more symbls.

                        18. You can swicht the light on now.

                        19. Now use the view, where you can see the items on the shelfs. Close the "item panel" becouse can't see the top shelf when it's opened. Click on the top shelf.

                        20. There's some symbols, drag the tape on it. Now you can see that "the star" = 3

                        21. Go next to table again. Click on a books. Now, use the picture you found before, and put the books into right order.(orange, pink, red, blue, yellow, green) And you will get the hint, when you read the first letters of the book titles. The hint is "circle is two".
                        And also you can go and watch the dartboard again and watch the numbers. If you remember the numbers from behind the bed, then you see that "the filled square" is acctually number 5

                        22. Now, it's time to solve the puzzle. If you remembered or written down the symbols, you can analyze them now. There could have some troubles with some numbers, but the safe code is 718

                        23. Go to next to safe and insert the code

                        24. After watching the letter you can open the door.

                        25. Open it and you are done
                        Do the Dew


                        • Originally posted by Unregistered
                          change your perspectiv!

                          if you look at the shelf from further away you can see it.
                          where is the coin????????????????? help i suck at this


                          • light bulb

                            go to the shelves and use the coin on the screws of the thing that's on the bottom right corner and take the light bulb.


                            • Originally posted by Unregistered
                              i cant find da safe either and you know the money box with the key? why wont the 10p coin go in to it? and why cant i take the key? - im confused!!
                              Use the tweezer thingy to get the key out of the money dog. Then use coin to unscrew the light thing next to it and take out the bulb then put the bulb in the lamp on the desk hope i could be of any help....


                              • The game wont load.. anyone know why?