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  • Originally posted by Unregistered
    Oh and where do you find the safe?????
    if you put the darts on the poster then you cant take them off!!!
    i think the numbers by the side of the bed are for the dart board!!!


    • Originally posted by Unregistered
      the coin unscrews the screws on the dark light. Take the bulb out and put it in the lamp on the desk.
      Behind the HiFi is a key. in that drawer you find something to get the 2nd key out of the money box.
      Pin the dart arrows on the poster and the knife you find in the 2nd drawer cuts down the poster and voila... the safe. But after that: what?
      whats up with the book under the bed???


      • Originally posted by Unregistered
        I tried 718 on the safe, and it didn't work can someone tell me the real code, or post an entire walkthru
        Where the hell is the safe?????????


        • Where is the knife located or how do i open the blacklight


          • coin

            can someone please tell me where the coin is cus i have practically everything else!!!!??????


            • Japanese translation

              The last message (with the author's scribbled photo) reads:

              Congratulations! I hope you liked this USUAL espcape game. Please look forward to my next game.

              The number of times you:
              Fluffed the pillow x times
              Tried to do something with the couch x times
              Tried to insert the cassette into the hi-fi x times
              Tried to pull hair from the poster with the tweezer x times.

              ---- BEGIN SPOILER ----
              Also the message in the safe reads:

              "Finish your homework before I come home. And a reminder for you -- your door is a SLIDING door. It won't open by turning the knob and pushing on it.
              P.S. You'll find your snack in the cupboard."
              ---- END SPOILER ----


              • what the hell do u dp wit da darts sum 1 plz help bvefore i go in saine!


                • book

                  when you open the book under the bed while the lights are turned off you'll see an equation. and you'll know that the unshaded triangle that is pointing upwards is 8.


                  • Originally posted by Unregistered
                    You have to watch that in a "table lamp light"
                    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


                    • - pick up darts

                      - on a table, pick up white pen, open top drawer and pick up cassete

                      - in a trash, pick up paper

                      - click on a poster, use darts, use pen

                      - click left from the bead (tiny dot on the wall), write down the code and take the coin (right side, just above the hand)

                      - click under the bed, take wallet

                      - click on shelves, click on a lamp, use coin on screw, click on cover, take the bulb, step away and take the picture

                      - click on top of the shelves (hide inventory), put cassete on drawing, write down the code

                      - step away from shelves and click on the key (grey spot behind stereo)

                      - go to the desk and put the bulb in the lamp

                      - use key on the desk drawer, open it, take pinceta

                      - go to shelves again, use pinceta on the key that is stuck in puppy

                      - use key on the desk drawer, open it, take scalpel

                      - use scalpel on poster, write down the code

                      - turn of the lights, go to the desk, click on lamp, use the wallet, write down the code

                      - figure out the code (if you don't want to, its 718)

                      - go to safe, enter code, open it, read the note

                      - leave the room


                      • done it.. funny game.. but its hard cause of the language, i don't understand.. boring ending


                        • Help

                          Ive looked in the draw but ther is no tape in ther all i can c on the top shelf is the outline o a tape wih symols on wot does it mean? HELP


                          • very lamex games sia.........


                            • i found the keys for the draws


                              • i found the keys for the draws the silver 1 is behind the cd player thing ya av 2 look at it from the side the ya get sum tweezers out of tht draw the u go ova 2 the money box thing n ya can c the gold thing poping out clik on the tweezers the the key u get a stanley nife out of tht draw thn a dont no wat 2 do