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  • i cudnt b bovad 2 look thru but if there isnt 1 n sum1 needs a walkthru ill do 1
    I'm terrible at games, yet i still bother.


    • what is a shelf ?!


      • safe code

        in the safe there is a code which is square black tringle plane tringle the rock give u the plain triangle code but what r the others.
        (sorry whoever said 718 but your wrong )


        • Originally posted by Unregistered
          i dont get what im missing. i have or i have used: darts, pen, books, light, coin, dark light, tape, picture, crumpled paper, found safe, keys..

          is there anything else? cause im lost!
          Where did u find the tape I searched everywhere! I need details ppl!


          • Does this help?

            Originally posted by Unregistered
            Where did u find the tape I searched everywhere! I need details ppl!
            It is in the large desk drawer.. note that when people in this forum say "tape" it is a cassette tape that they are talking about.
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            • Translation of Dokument in Safe

              Since the game is in Japanese here is the translation of the paper in the safe:

              "Today, because of work, it will be late again.
              Before Mama comes back, do your homework properly!
              Besides, because you keep forgetting things, I write it down one more time that the door to your room is a [sliding door], ne. It will not open if you pushing the door nob whatsoever.
              From mother
              P.s. The snack is on the usual shelf."

              The text next to picture in diary says "read this under black light..."


              • Formula Explanation

                As the formula can be confusing, I have attached an image that may help.
                Attached Files


                • i couldn't find the clue on the picture. are you talking about the picture of a japanese man sitting on the sofa? how can i put the tape on the top of the picture? the picture doesnt stay on screen.


                  • @Unregistered2


                    • Get the gold key

                      Originally posted by Unregistered
                      How do I get that key out of the piggy bank?
                      Where is the pen?
                      Where is the tape???

                      I got so far:
                      The picture, the crumbled paper, the dart arrows (now sticking in the nose of that guy on the poster, the coin ---> the black light, the numbers on the desk, the numbers behind the bed, ... now what?

                      When you get the silver key out from behind the stereo, open desk drawer, take out tweesers and get gold key out of piggy bank! Then open desk drawer to get xo-knife!


                      • aha!!!

                        Originally posted by Unregistered
                        I cannot believe I missed that with the books. I put them in order but did not see the obvious clue.

                        The code does not work. We must be missing something.

                        I have found: The black light equations on the desk. The one on the picture. The crumpled paper number clue. The wall clue. And now the book clue. However, all of those shape/number correlations does not reveal the code that is needed.

                        Check it out, you have to put the cassette tape on top of the drawing on the shelf and it tells you what another shape equals...of course i only have 3 as of yet, so you've probably figured it out long ago. anyhoo, cheers


                        • Donas room

                          where do you get the coin from? I got the pen, the darts, the tape, the picture, the crumpled paper, the book, n found where the equations and the key are, but i don't know what i do now!!! Please help me. I'm in trouble!!!


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                            • What post is the walkthrough
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                              • Originally posted by NES Queen
                                i have looked for 2-3 hours and i still can't find the coin