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  • Yvonne
    Thanks for the mailbox number
    For the fridge I had to look for help because I wasn't using my items the right way
    out now

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  • Fernandoh
    Maybe gamershood put some games in English...or the option to put in that language...will be easier to understand the clues...

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    I pick the paper with some colors clue...but didn't understand what I had to put on the anyone in here?

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    lol...I get it...just use the three number inside the refrigerator
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  • Kzin
    Bfed first code...due to language barrier or my dumbness

    Don over think the next 2 codes....nice one but I wish I knew what the oarty was for....

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  • old biker
    started a topic Chan Tsukki Escape

    Chan Tsukki Escape

    Chan Tsukki Escape is another Japanese point and click ,room escape game. Find some items and clue's ,solve puzzles and escape the room.
    There could be a language problem

    Good luck


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