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Dream House Escape 1.51 Ver.

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  • Dream House Escape 1.51 Ver.

    Dream House Escape 1.51 Ver. is a point and click escape game sequel to Dream House Escape 1.50 Ver. by T34. Gather items and solve puzzles to escape the room.

    Dream House Escape 1.51 Ver.

    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    does it save? .. guess I should check before I go too far.
    Found a person and just found brown key. It does save. Got to call it a night.

    Thanks nin-man. I just saved by going to menu and selecting "load game" Have stopped several times (dinner, take dog out, do hubby's eye drops ...) and last stop of the day so I can check email and head toward bed.
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      It will, but you need to right-click on the game, go into Settings, and give it unlimited space for storage. It autosaves, though I don't know how often, or you can create a few manual save points.


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        how many of these games do they have???
        From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me


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          Hey has anyone gotten into the secret room yet? I saw it while playing the gas-mode (I was alerted when it said "secret room filling with gas")...I'm assuming it is related to the color-clockface-puzzle in the green single room on 1f (process of elimination, since that seems to be the only puzzle left unsolved). I think I have found all the clues for it, but I can't make heads or tails of it (and I've been trying to brute force it for hours)
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            At last back for a bit - found the brown key and a second sword.

            AkaRisu, I've seen a clock face where you can change the time but thought it was by a front door. I'm not playing gas-mode. I still need keys and 4 of 5 objects for power. So you are far ahead of me.

            The one in single green room off the livingroom? - I'm remapping as it has been a few days since I've worked on this and my notes were awful.
            Listened to a CD and found something .. maping second floor area now. It is almost 1 a.m. so I'm calling it a night. Need my beauty rest.
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              Okay...I think you'll have to have the orange key to see the puzzle I'm working on.

              Update: After sitting through Gas Mode and counting the rooms that fill up, I found there were three rooms that I never accessed after completing the game:

              I'm not sure if I'm crazy enough to sit through that again, but I think I can at least locate them on the map (they're probably all the Cyan-key rooms, knowing my luck)
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                I thought I'd do a quick game before going....I picked the wrong one.
                I have found 2 or 3(?) keys, password box, 2 blocks, musical score, puzzle piece and toothpaste.
                I am still trying to solve hole, marble, clock, colour dial, square wall safe, colour picture, billards balls, 2 identical dial type pictures and password for box.....the list continues..
                Have to leave for now....

                ...I think I see 2 diamonds, but can't pick up, and I can't reach spray bottle...???
       needs coin.
                ...I now have brown key; entered 2nd floor dining room....used power diamond to open wall...
                ...I have 6 digit number idea where to use (codes are on 3 doors [coin, buttons 1 number] plus 4 digit box)...its not for them...?
                ...yellow square seems to have disappeared from my inventory...?
                - 4 bldg blocks, sword, perfume, music score, equation on paper, 3 patterns, puzzle piece. password box (4 digits?),
                - blue paper, blue square, yellow square, CD, black box (/w power diamond), 2nd sword....used music, used sword, watched CD but written in Japanese;
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                  3rd floor - need a doorknob and maybe a crowbar. Only been to a couple of places before being blocked.
                  2nd floor - need long handled tongs .. can't reach an item.
                  2nd floor - got in the office but door south is a one way door the wrong way for me. Rats. Haven't found one thing to pick up in there yet. What am I missing?
                  Still need 4 numbers for black box code. I missed the musical score! Need to stop for tonight.
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                    @NannaJoy, which mode are you on?

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