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    Escape the room type of game.
    Taste the Rainbow!

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    what do you do with the knife and the laser gun?


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      i have the knife, laser gun and the paper but i dont know what to do after that. can somebody help me?


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        knife is in the plants

        paper is in waste basket

        click on the window to find a laser gun

        there is a sliver ball between some books in bookshelf

        after that ,while still facing bookshelf , click on the right side of the bookshelf and you'll find a stick

        on top of bookshelf is a tape

        on top of picture is a credit card ( to the left)

        click on the corner ceiling (by the picture)
        click on the ceiling and you will here a weird noise
        use your stick and you'll find a nigna
        give him the sliver ball

        now grab the kickass weapon

        use knife on picture
        you'll be cursed
        once you are , use your laser gun on the picture
        you'll find a box

        put video tape in VCR and you see a well
        *cough* the ring *cough*
        now click on the well
        a hand will pop out
        give him the credit card
        He won't accept it?
        well show him your laser gun

        He'll give you a key
        use key on box

        use find you need a code
        well click on the paper
        the code is the one with

        use that code and click execute
        now go to the window and use your kick ass weapon on monster

        now grab the note

        use the note by the box thingy to the left of the door

        go through door
        Do the Dew


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          are there any other links cuz this wont work...>
          lP ll lM lP ll lN


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            It works fine to me.........
            Do the Dew


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              cant find the stick
              keep on keepin on


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                I cant get the stupid tape!!!


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                  I cant get the stupid ball!!! Tell me the truth!!!!!


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                    For stick

                    if you click on the right side of the book shelf in the right direction you be able to see it ( try turning up your brightness on your computer)

                    sliver ball

                    I'm telling ya the truth
                    (you see the book that is laying on the other book)?
                    it is the white thing between the two
                    It might help to turn up the brightness on your computer

                    (try putting up the brightness it is there)
                    also when I mean tape , I don't mean scoth tape, I mean Video tape
                    Do the Dew


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                      lol, it worked ok for me, i thought something was fishy when you used the laser. it shows a white hand... o.O


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                        That scared the crap outta me when

                        The ninja got abductted

                        The had it the volume turned all the way up

                        Do the Dew


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                          moutaindewman ur a gueinus u no all dese games n how 2 get out lol !! thnx 4 the help


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                            This was cool - thanks for the walkthru Mountain Dew - I think I love you -


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                              Cool game! I had to do it myself without looking at any walkthru's.