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  • Yvonne
    I have 10 coins
    Solved the 2 digit code
    Got the beach code from Kzin after trying all other things my self
    Seen a math with colors, tried to apply it but I don't know where to use it. If it is for the color safe then my answer is not working. Looked at Kzin's answer and it is so not what I have nor is my answer correct for the suitcase so my math is not correct.
    I used the red and orange colors from the clock but have not seen a blue color except on the color safe so I have used that one and it must be wrong

    I am out, thanks for the help
    Nice game

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  • Kzin
    Okay but very clicky

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  • old biker
    started a topic R.S.F Escape

    R.S.F Escape

    R.S.F Escape is another point and click, room escape game. Search for clue's and items, use them ,solve puzzles and escape.

    Good luck


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