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  • Jail Escape


    >> PLAY HERE <<

    Escape the jail game.

    Alternate link:

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    He who fights and runs away can run away another day.

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    i have 3 keys a hammer and a note i dont kno what to do now!


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      Originally posted by Unregistered
      i have 3 keys a hammer and a note i dont kno what to do now!
      Same here

      He who fights and runs away can run away another day.


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        this might be a surprise...

        i don't know what to do either!!!!!


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          The end sorry for my rubbish english


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            got 3 keys a note and a hammer still wont let me open door how get in corridor


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              Go to the same place where you got the note......hit it with the hammer and you get the cell door key. it's not called a corridor, it's called for sake of a better word, a chest of drawers, with only one drawer. LOL


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                heheh weeeeeeee

                yay thats the first one of these games ive ever finished wihtout any help


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                  haha that's what I ment and not a corridor


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                    If they never have all those keys iit would of been harder
                    Do the Dew


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                      sorry to be a psoilsport but if at the start he/she says "i've been here too long" he must be retartded or blind not to notice the keys behind the cup next to the bottle and the keys behind the clock!

                      David J


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                        hm. that was short.


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                          First click on the key behind the cup.
                          Then unlock and open the draw and take out a note that says look behind the clock.
                          Look behind he clock and you'll find a key.
                          Unlock the trapdooor on the floor and take out another set of keys.
                          Unlock the cupboard on the wall and you find a hammer.
                          Go to the draw an use the hammer to knock it down and you will find the keys to the door.
                          Then go to the door and unlock it.
                          GAME COMPLETE!!
                          What's cooler than be cool? ICE COLD!!!!!!


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                            that game was way too easy
                            we were at the beach everybody had, matching towels! somebody went, under a dock, and there they found a rock!!! but it wasnt a rock, it was a rock LOBSTER!!
                            Peter Griffin


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                              ok wy to easy i mean im a walkthrough guy but i didnt need 1

                              im bout to give a spoiler

                              ok look around by the cup u get a key

                              look around the clock and behind it u get another key

                              ull notice 2 kind of boxes the one on the ground holds another key witch allows u to open the wall safe thingy

                              once u get a hammer use hammer on the drawer box watever u call it

                              ull get a key
                              use key on jail door

                              CONGRATS URE NOW A WALKTHROUGH GUY.... do u feel special????