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    Code Sheets

    The walkthrough isn't complete. I like to know why I'm doing what I'm doing so I'm looking for the rest of the sheets of paper that explain the symbols on the fan. I found one of them

    Guess I was blind the first time, the walkthrough clearly explained this.
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    Escaping rooms is very satifsfying, you wouldn't undrestand.


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      Hi, just joined, checking out my profile thought I'd have a go at the game also
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        ok so Problem. I took of the tape, no prob but what the heck is this whole ice key thing... I never got one =[

        EDIT: ok so I go the key but now it won't work anywhere is there some kind of trick to it?! I'm already sick of this one

        EDIT x2 : Ok so I feel like an idiot. I got it for other people as stupid as me, the trick is you click "ITEM".. DOH

        Edit x3: out!!
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