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  • My Hidden Anime Room

    My Hidden Game.
    Help the cute girl to open the door and go for a walk. Collect objects and solve puzzles. Find hidden letters and numbers, and girls will tell you some secrets.

    Anime Room

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    Finished a couple of puzzles. Have numbers; still missing 3 letters...not sure where to use wrench. Have 2 crystals....
    Strange game.
    Now, only missing 'B'...have 3rd crystal.
    Opened lock, now need key.
    'Finally' got the equations...I had 1 number wrong (it's late!).

    Need 1 more crystal...
    Stuck on puzzle in first screen...I see 2nd condition, but don't get 1st condition...
    Yes; finally! Got it!

    Not sure I liked this game; puzzles were good, but never found 'B' and too hard to see letters/numbers.
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