Green Plant Room Escape is point and click escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Imagine your mother had serious pains in her head and back during the last week so she asked you to take the next few days with her in order to tend on her if she needed something. One day when you woke up and went out to the kitcehn to have a breakfast you didn't even recognized her. She was filled with energy and prepared an omelette for you. In the afternoon she was preparing for somewhere when you went into the bathroom. She said a pensioner club meeting was due this night and she had to take part in there. You could see he was recuperated well so you allowed it for her. When she left you went into the livingroom and started to watch the tv. A couple of hours later your phone rang. It was an old man from the club, asking you to fetch your mom because she had several pains again. You set out to the garage but appalingly found the entrance locked and the keys were missing. Search for clues around the house and fit them together to get out.

Good luck


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