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Green Mountain Escape

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  • Green Mountain Escape

    You were hiking up the Green Mountain and got lost. That was 58 days ago! You have been surviving by eating berries and drinking spring water. It's a miracle that you finally came across this house. Maybe there's a way to escape! Good luck and have fun playing!

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    See 2 sets of numbers, glove, 5 marbles.
    Now have silver key.
    Now have 6 marbles, purple gem and need black key....many candles seem to need wicks.
    Entered 3-Digit combo and now have yellow gem.
    Placed black marbles, but still need 3 more...
    See white key, found 2 more marbles, see plate clue & clock clue (not sure what they mean?).

    Backtracked and found last marble; now have black key and now blue key.
    Now have SD, lighter; now white key. Opened dial box for pink gem.

    Lit a few candles and now have gold key; now blue gem.
    Need to find arrow combo....
    Darn, shockwave crashed and this game doesn't save....
    Found box for the plate clue; missed that last game; now have green gem.

    Placed 5 gems,; need 2 more, plus arrow box combo...

    Thought I saw arrow combo, but nope. has to be correct. Looked at it a bit differently and it have rope.

    Used rope, now have red gem. Went back to safe room, but safe is closed...? Threw switches, but won't open...white key is also back hanging?
    Is this a bug...?
    Backtracked and made sure all switches were safe is open.
    Placed gems...starting to move order and shockwave crashed again...I'm not replaying this time.


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      I missed one coin

      Strange as Angels, Dancing in the Deepest Oceans