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  • im playing this now lol

    54 minutes to escape
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    • Thank you for all your tips and pieces..
      Any time is a good time to play!


      • Wow!!

        That Was Fricken Hard!!!!!!!!


        • How come I can't put the box under the wooden end table? I managed to put it under the desk..


          • Oblivious?

            Am I missing the obvious? I have read through the posts and everyone has the red pencil... Where is it?!?!?!?!?!
            P.S. I used to be blonde, but now I have brown hair... Maybe I am becoming blonde again!!!


            • help!!! i can't solve the safe (picture of flowers)


              • Originally posted by rencie
                help!!! i can't solve the safe (picture of flowers)
                The hint is in one of the books on the desk. There is a picture of
                a frog with two red tulips and a lucky frog in rain.

                So the important hints are: Water, frog, two red tulips.

                If you have the water, you can get the frog.
                If you have the frog you can get to the tulips.

                (That's the way, I have combined the facts which lead to the only
                logical solution which leads to look 'behind' a simple picture of flowers.)


                • thanks everyone.............that was a hard one ..........but very challenging


                  • Please!

                    It's April, can anyone post a walkthrough?



                      Here's a walkthrough for any future players.
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                      • Yay! Cleared the game!

                        It was too easy to escape!

                        But it was fun!
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                        A tip for you ...


                        • brilliant game, loved that one... got stuck a couple of times but really enjoyed it. Thanks for your help everyone!!
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                          • Really cool game, lol! I'm feeling soo stupid coz I couldn't do such an easy thing! At last I did it, but I've blocked again!
                            Err, some help? What's the "color puzzle" every1 are talking about? And what's this long blue thing about?

                            Wow!!! Wow... I GOT IT!!! Cool! Now I've got:
                            And now what?

                            Yes! I've unlocked the bathroom! Now I've got only to unlock the box with the numbers, the last drawer in the desk and to find 1 more ball!

                            YEAH! WooHoo! I got it! I did it! 10x every1 for the posts! That was a really cool game! Hard, but COOL! Let's try another one!
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                            • WHHHOOOOOOPPPPP!!!! I FINALLY MADE IT!
                              I had to read this whole thread, but I finally made it! If anyone needs help, tell me!
                              Go to A Sribed World and check out my Harry Potter spoof/FF! Whooooot!!!


                              • the froggie is soooo cuuuuuteeeeee