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Castle of Diamonds Escape

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  • Castle of Diamonds Escape

    You wake up in a strange place where to seem to match anything. In front of a large house there is a covered wagon as from the Wild West and the front door holding 2 Knights guard. Everywhere also puzzles are hidden that you have to solve until you can see no way.

    Good luck


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    I'm stuck. Can't figure out the clocks.


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      Number puzzle was fun!
      Modified clock; 2nd clock still zoomable(?), need something for stick in inventory and still have not solved hole.
      Inside house....
      I was about to give up on ths symbols on the door inside the house, but it finally worked....tough one!
      Now into what looks like a throne room....
      Placed 1 diamond and now looking for next step....
      Backtracked to first scene; found another hotspot, combined items, and now have knife.

      Used knife, placed 2nd diamond and out.
      Couple of nice puzzles, but the rest I didn't enjoy.
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