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Unusual Room Escape 2

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  • Unusual Room Escape 2

    You successfully found the correctly colored keys inside your room. You gathered your stuff and wished to transfer room. You went down to the reception area to ask. The receptionist welcomed your request. However, the same thing should be done. You still have to choose the card. So you picked whatever your hand reached first. Again, you did not flip the card until you’re inside the elevator. Then to your surprise, the card says “Unusual Room 2”. You sighed at your luck. You somehow can’t believe you’d be back to another unusual room. You have the colored keys still stuck in your mind. You tried to get inside without closing the door to check it first. But something is pulling the door to be closed. And now you have to look through more keys to escape.

    Good luck


    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
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    Stuck on what must be the clock numbers...?
    Found help, but that is definitely not the correct game.
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