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Aries - Episode No. 022 : Xmas Escape 2016

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  • Aries - Episode No. 022 : Xmas Escape 2016

    Aries - Episode No. 022 : Xmas Escape 2016 is another new point and click type room escape game. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    great game....out with both ends...


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      Cake and dress end.

      A student who changes the course of history is probably taking an exam.

      As long as the answer is right, who cares if the question is wrong?


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        Giving this a try....
        Used paper and 2 of 3 coins, entered safe combo and now have key, found 3 of 4 shapes; still need club....

        Arrows clue not working for me, colour clue not working for me and need 4-digit clue.
        Struggling with calendar, as I'm sure it's a clue....took me forever, but I finally got it! Now have club.

        Entered card suit combo and now have lighter.

        Used lighter...back later to finish game....
        Opened arrow combo and now have colour clue...
        Saved before exiting; Out /w Normal End.
        Backtracking and see next to find clue.
        See clue, now have next key...
        Found gift, used gift and out /w Happy End!
        Great game!
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          Out with both ends.
          Don't forget you are awesome.