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  • twright133 I think he just joke.......
    you send email to creator peter tarasov?
    it is funny you now......215 posts and one big NOTHING


    • Yes I did.....if you go to newgrounds there is a link to send him a private have to sign up first though


      • I alredy did that but seems like he dont care

        Orginally posted by Sonic
        im back

        sooo eny one crack the slider?



        common some1 is on

        @Ivanche, I am sorry, I accidently merged Sonic his 5 posts with your post.
        ~ Adventure.
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        • slider is impossible

          Another review site for the game whrer the creator himself replies, but no help

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          • still nothing sonic...waiting for creators replies


            • anyone here i got no luck on puzzle yet


              • there is an ending that you can see if you right click and click forward a couple times so i dont think that the game is a hoax. (its still annoying)


                • Omg people i solved it we are all so blind it has nothing to do with the foor puzzle


                  • Originally posted by hugonibs2
                    Omg people i solved it we are all so blind it has nothing to do with the foor puzzle

                    ... did u really solve it?
                    Then post something plzzz!
                    Walkthrough secrets


                    • ya all i can say is read the wall carefully "please win this game" the door puzzle is insolvable and is there to trow u off

                      P.S i think that the door puzzle has been done in every single way it can be and noone got it so it's currently unsolvable

                      edit connect the title to the wall then to post 227.

                      the answer than should come to your head in less than 5 seconds


                      • ... I tried

                        OH god this can't be serious!!!!!!
                        I did it... it is sooooo stupid
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                        Walkthrough secrets


                        • galahad if you seriously did it then you should be glad ur not gona be wasting your time any longer


                          • so i still cant figure it out ive been reading the posts and playing for ever what do you do?

                            im guessing you have to zoom but i don't know where

                            so i feel like the village idiot but what am i missing
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                            • lol... yes I am. I'm angry because I have been really blind. Anyways now I can go and study for my exam tomorrow...
                              Walkthrough secrets


                              • binx reread post 230 until you understand it

                                and btw the creator is really stupid as in every wall there is a shadow in the lower right and upper left corner, with no windows, or any sort of object to cause a refection. much less the game showed that the room had a light source but no light source was shown