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  • Well, I guess that we have taken into account everything that you have mentioned At least I have tried to work also with the needle, the sentence at the wall etc. But still nothing that works.
    My impression is that there is a bug in this game. And I'm just waiting for a reply of the game author to clear this question before I invest more time in it.


    • hm

      Originally posted by Ash'74
      I THINK i know the correct order for the slider puzzle, but I just can't seem to get them in the right places. If someone else can get them in this order then please tell me the way to do it...if it's right that is.

      I got this, with a space between the snake thing and the peace sign, and it didn't work.
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      • This is the most stupid game I have ever played. There is no logic at all and that is what most people seem to think. Why on earth would a gamemaker want to make a stupid game like this. Players are not enjoying it, so he should have trouble getting folks to play his future games I think....urk...

        Just because people talk about this game a lot don´t make it great or clever (forward it, so stupid)
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        • eASY!

          Boring.. not really into adventure thing! Please improve!
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          • I think this might be helpful!

            You all think tha you win by going through the door right?
            Well if you right click then press forward again and again, No matter what wall you are on it turns you till you reach the "Please Win this Game" wall then press it again and it says "you won"

            If you won by going through thhe door you would get turned to the slider puzzle then you won!!!

            See what I mean !?


            or it could be that ive spent hours on this game and it is driving me CRAZY!!
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            • it is impossible to solve the slider by trying the diagram in the vertical position as opposed to the horizontal. i.e. which would also would be as logical as the horizontal. perhaps the creator is unaware that not all 3x3 slider puzzles can be solved based on radom assignment of pieces.

              lambda s-squiggle 2

              omega peace 3

              swastika 1 space


              • I just used a flash decompiler and I don't see anything leading to the win page of this game (outside of forwarding to frame 6). I think the idea that the creator is just toying with everyone is correct. And as further proof there isn't any image of the door being opened.


                • Thank you jack, I've added a note to the lead post.

                  Arrrrgh, this is not funny, probably the last game of this author that people have played.


                  • NOOOO, this can't be true!!! I refused to believe it, but maybe I just have to believe that the puzzle is not solveable and that it is all just a joke. God, all the wasted hours from so many people!!

                    And I still can't believe it, it just would be so STUPID!!!
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                    • I'm still sooo stuk about the slider thing!!!!! I've tried millions of methods!!


                      • there is one more item and there has to be somthing more to that wall with words


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                        • Game advice

                          Mistery, did the author told you to write "... in which you need to collect and use items" ?
                          Because if not, YOU gave us a bad hint.

                          Or was it on purpose...

                          Just a thought...
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                          • I tried all the combinations mentioned here. I created a spread sheet & tried all the combinations possible for the tiles. (I spent a couple hours! )
                            Greek letter - number - symbol
                            symbol - number - Greek letter
                            There's quite a few. I too am unable to come up with a solution. I tend to think there's a bug in the game that makes an unsolvable ending.

                            I hope it's not a sick joke from the author.
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                            • Originally posted by Dmike92
                              Mistery, did the author told you to write "... in which you need to collect and use items" ?
                              Because if not, YOU gave us a bad hint.

                              Or was it on purpose...

                              Just a thought...
                              Well, I've written that because it seemed to be a regular room escape game
                              But since it seems that this game is unsolvable, I have added a note to the lead post.


                              • The author has stated on Newgrounds that there was an error in the slider puzzle which has now been fixed. I tested this new version and once you put the tiles in the right order it goes to the You Win screen.