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Colors (aka Digs 2)

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  • Colors (aka Digs 2)

    This is a room escape game in Japanese. Use the colored buttons in the bottom right corner to switch between the rooms.
    Language IS a problem to finish the game.

    Play Here
    (Click "Flash" and then "Colors" in the game list on the left. Sorry, the direct link doesn't work, it gives a forbidden message)

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]
    Click image for larger version

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    Wow I don't get anything at all. Giving up :p

    I'm too stupid to solve a riddle!

    QuickRiddle 2
    QuickRiddle 3

    The new one is up!
    QuickRiddle 4


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      I didn't want to add this game yesterday cuz... I didn't understand it either

      STILL struddling


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        how do i even get to the game?????
        when i clicked play it took me to this wierd website
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          You click on Flash then on "Colours"

          I have a something but no idea how to use it


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            i found on another web site--------when you get into game first pick flash-----then when it goes to the page pick the word colors.........i tried to do it but only got a key and it seems to need pass words that i couldn't find i clicked everywhere

            Walktrhough (As far as I have gotten)

            Tip: (may depend on your browser) If you highlight and right click and copy something from your inventory you will be able to see what items are clickable.

            this was a walkthrough i found on other site but some of the things didn't work for me..........most did............anyone have any input
            and sorry for posting walkthrough without spoiler but don't know how to do spoiler...............hope this helps some of you
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              I have entered every code from the yellow book and nothing works


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                Add the # before the number


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                  Tab key helps


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                    Bahhhh This game silly
                    Aussie Aussie Aussie.... Oi Oi Oi......


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                      Hi this is a cute game!
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                        i did as the walkthough said (thanks!) but thats as far as i got. if you click the computer in the blue room and hit 2 then 5 the screen changes but i dunno what comes after that. in the pink red room..theres a code that is like 250..i though this would work for the computer thing but theres no zero. hmm..someone should translate this game to english! until giving up.
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                          Digs 2


                          Japenese point and click type Escape Game


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                            trying this out but not getting anywhere

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                              me neither
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