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  • Sweets House

    This is another room escape game in Japanese by the creator of Mist, Five Beasts of Pagoda etc.
    It's not a usual game however, but has the form of a book, in which the background scene for a boy and a girl change if you turn a page.

    (It seems to me that there are several endings, and hopefully who speaks the language can give us more information about the story)

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Click image for larger version

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    Working on the next game

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    This is one crazy game. I have done many things which doesn't seem to have any sense I'm going to bed. Goodnight!
    anyone got an new game to share?

    I don't sleep 'cause I don't want to

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      Goodnight Mindsmasher

      Well, I've got out after some time when I played, but I suspect that there might be different endings (but of course I didn't understand what was written at the end )
      Working on the next game


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        I have managed to turn a few pages, but can't get them all to turn.


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          Hmmmm, that's strange, you should be able to turn all of them
          Did you use the hand symbol and dragged?
          Working on the next game


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            yes, I can turn them but they flip back. Refreshing the page now to see if it is better.

            Okay, now it seems I can go right or left with them.

            I am not sure of the object of this game, but by the end of it I will be over weight because the only thing I seem to be doing is eating things. LOL


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              Working on the next game


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                I think I am out LOL Didn't make sense, kind of like my life lately


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                  What do you do after you

                  I seem to be missing the last piece of heart can't find anything else left to eat.

                  NVM I opened the door and I'm out.


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                    I'm missing the last part of the heart, I think there are three endings: one with the boy, one with the girl and a 3rd one with both (I'm looking for this last one)


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                      I needed a hint for that part too.


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                        I've made some things which I don't remember and suddenly ended with a page which says If I want to replay.
                        Am I out or I'm dead because I eat a lot?
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                          Well, no one will be around since I'm two weeks behind. First time I went through twice and ended up with a boy. Second time went through only once and got a boy. What was the difference? Shall do it one more time. Must be missing things.


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                            Don't click on the bed or you get the bad ending. One side of the book is the boy and the other side is the girl. Which side you click on decides which character you are using.


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                              Ended with a girl this time.
                              Anyone get a couple?
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