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  • Areaway escape

    This is another Japanese escape the room game by the creators of Ast Escape game. Search for items and use them to escape!
    But you'll have to wait while downloading because it's big in size.

    Good luck!!

    The game is not suitable for young players.

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

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    I'm just getting a black screen.


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      I played this on another forum Raven. It takes a looooong time to load (it was over 10 minutes for me).


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        yeah, first it loads and then it loads again You have to wait until you see a arrow, then you press it and then it might load again but very quick this time. I quit on this game yesterday because I thought something was wrong with link.

        Have you expierienced problems with loading forum website too? I couldn't open it since yesterday.
        anyone got an new game to share?

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          well it work fine for me. now i am stuck with a scary bird. i cant pass the bird.
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            Finally got into the band rehearsal room.

            Now I'm stuck, though. I keep clicking the bat, and that's not good.
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              To get out you need to


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                I'm just back and forth in the hallway. Is that a puzzle in the short hallway? Got lights on. Only thing I seem to be able to do is turn the lights off and on. and travel the hallway on the left.
                My greenlight is off and "they" say I'm off-line. Interesting.

                OK - interesting display which at last pushed me into new area. Weird.

                If I could get the woofers going and find the drum sticks, I could rock this joint. So far - found nothing.

                Trying to click fast to avoid bat is not my cup of tea - shoot 'm up type thing.
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                  Is anybody still playing this?

                  I made it to the room with all the posters, but I don't know what to do next.
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                    strange game

                    I am out from second floor, just use flashlight to control the panel on the door, I will try to find if there are anothers end.

                    click the control panel on the door in first and second floor, let all lights are green you can go into the CST

                    Until now I can't image what are the password for kuro.
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