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  • Magic Room Escape

    This is already the 17th text driven room escape game with different endings. Click at the right places in order to escape the magic room. Good luck

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Click image for larger version

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  • #2
    Ooook I'm out but it didn't say an ending.


    • #3
      I got an ending, but I'm sure this one has a happy ending like the rest. I have to try again.


      • #4
        ok, i'm going to try this one.

        *My computer keeps freezing i'm giving up for now.*
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        • #5
          Tried again and it gave "END"

          Going to try for a happy end ;p


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            I got an ending with words:

            I assume this is a happy ending cause all the previous games ended like this. but I'm not an expert.
            anyone got an new game to share?

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              Mindmasher, you

              I have found two so far, but no happy ending yet.


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                ive been transferred to the north (probebly to visit my wives family in denmark)
                these games get easier every day


                • #9
                  For the other ending


                  • #10
                    finnaly a game 2 work 4 me!
                    yeah,i summonned the kraken by mistake!
                    bad end
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                      How did you do that?

                      NVM I see now


                      • #12
                        I'm sorry - I just blew up the room! Hope no one is hurt!

                        the room dropped sharply - another bad end.

                        hmm - clicked on something different to change shade of room this time.

                        So shall mess a bit longer before trying something else.

                        Tah-dah! says I've solved the mystery of the room of magic and was able to go out by the magic .. guess that is as good as it gets. This sure beats dusting.
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                          i cant find the air?x

                          HELPP MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!