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    Originally posted by WingedVivi View Post
    Used Knife:

    i did that and nothing


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      Yay i completed it!!

      can i hear a hell yeah! i liked that game twas nice completed it in 10 mintues pretty good seeing as everyone else seems to be struggling...sorry if my spoler tab thing doesnt work im a very new member to the site, as in 2 minutes ago

      Walkthrough time:

      until next time loveys x


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        gd game
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          seriously good game. thanks for making it.


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            Almost managed to escape without help


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              DUUUUH!!!!!The only place I got stuck, was when I had the key!!!! I feel sooooo stupid well...guess I'm tired...great game though!!! ....
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                That rocked!
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                  great game.
                  loved it.


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                    It's Walkthrough Time

                    Walk through

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                      That was a nice game. I found the smudges on the valve amusing. But I got stumped on pipe thingys, so I had to look.
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                          Great game. I think it's buggy though, not that it affects anything, but it threw me off big time. Like, after you create the alien, you can go back and you can make another one and put it in the maze, but it won't work. And after you open the iris, you can close it again, but no key once you get it. Almost made it through without cheating, but trying to get that code was hard until you read what others did and you find out it was right in front of your face.


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                            I think I might some kind of a problem. I've clicked everyone, but can't seem to do anything. so far,
                            help anyone? please?


                            wait, now I'm shrinking. lol



                            I'm sooooooooo stupid!! I had been like for the past half hour trying to figure out how to

                            OUT! nice game
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                              I can't get the
                              What an I doing wrong?

                              Nevermind, out.
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