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  • So? Should I have done something before messing with gadgets outside? Should I quit and start from last save?

    No! I relooked at my items closely .. making progress. Hopefully close to done.
    Well, 1:39 a.m. and I'm out! Whee! Brain is not completely gone yet - just the body *grin*
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    • Verry nice graphic and very good game. I like this.


      • Wow - finally finished... That was a really good one although I did have to get a little help with the grey puzzle type piece - turns out I had tried it in the right place just obviously not the right way (although I could have sworn I tried it!!!!)

        Going to try another one of theirs now


        • I'm stuck

          I cannot take back the fog when the marble mark the spot on the clock.
          I turned off the lights where the plants are but it's the same!

          Is it possible that the marble has to be let there?

          Submachine serie's fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • frog

            How many eyes does he have? Hint hint...


            • Sorry but i on't understant the hint
              Submachine serie's fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


              • Hi
                I am stuck, too. I have come as far as to get second marble...Have frog, fly-plant, one item of puzzle. Have blue and green marble but no idea what to do next......


                • Does it help?
                  Submachine serie's fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  • MarieDelphine.....If it is me you are trying to help, hm.. I already have the frog, meaning I have the screwdriver. I have got blue marble and the code with the 5 triangles, but no idea what to do with it. I can't put marbles in frog as some has suggested, couse I don't have have the orange marble........

                    Oh, man......this is getting annoying lol I have been trying to do this game all various times, but I get stuck after I get the blue marble and the 5 triangle code thingy.
                    Have no idea what to do after that. I have looked at all the posts, but there seem to be something obvious peps do that I just can't see..........
                    Sorry.....Won't happend again.....

                    Guess I have to try again in a few days, and see if someone else posts..

                    Any hints please???
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                      • were is the walkthrough?


                        • I'm out! What a superb game! That's the best one I've played yet.
                          Thanks for all the hints.


                          • The triangles

                            Originally posted by chauche436 View Post
                            Hm, but where? Only place I can see triangles are on the seashell pict, but no way I can move them like that

                            Oh, ty a mill..............

                            K I had to start over couse I seem to have locked myselfe.....he he

                            Wow, this was a truly awesom game.............
                            Best I ever played, I think........
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                            • I'm completley stuck.
                              I've tryed so many times, but i don't understund.
                              So far I have..

                              glass [used], bottelopener [used], bottle [used], green stone, 1 piece of a screendriwer, a yellow-frey thing, a grey thing.

                              And now?


                              • im stuck... i have a new metal head for my wooden doll which i have attached, but i don't know what to do with him next. Any ideas???

                                wow im stupid. Figured it out as soon as i had posted that