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  • does anyone knows what's the green stone for?


    • Originally posted by dia View Post
      what do you have Linette?

      i now have
      dia can you help me?
      i can't get the metal part of the screwdriver....where is it?


      • Stuck with frog looking at the clock and lightning it (only 1 circle) but I'M STUCK!!

        help please? I've read about 20 pages but the power of posting hasn't come to me yet...

        Yes!! The Power of Posting!!

        ... Stuck again with the cog thing...

        got it again

        Stuck on the balcony... reading previous posts
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        Even if u don't love me, I love U!


        • I'm out, thank you everyone for posting hints. Lovely graphics.


          • Almost out...

            But thx everyone, now i'm going to finish Sphere coz it was like the first game I played when I entered the community

            OMG Loved the ending!! (final puzzle)
            Even if u don't love me, I love U!


            • Heeeeellllllpppppp please!
              I´m stuck on the balkony. Got the right numbers, and order of typing in, but how ever, it doesn´t work!!!


              • because it goes 123
                765 so u have 2 click it in, in order and the 1st number u get u click it at the end again thn its should open

                if u needa any hints send me a message or just ask
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                EPA HEHE


                • Just started this one today. I'm still looking for note that shows how to move the doll to get the head off. i've clicked all over the plants on the shelf, but still no note. HELP!!

                  NVM: Found it by the cabinet.
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                  • i love this game

                    Enjoy life, you only get one shot at it

                    I wish I was a Power Ranger...


                    • Can someone help me, please? I've played this game several times over the past few months, and always get stuck at the same place. It's really beginning to hack me off.

                      I get out on the balcony okay, and see the numbers and the sketchbook and all that. I just can't climb the ladder and click on the grey box at the top of the ladder. The only way I can move up (what I used to see the number on the hexagonal axel) is the arrow above the box where the golden cog was. The ladder is then off to my right, with the grey box at the top of the ladder - but no matter how many times I click on ladder or box, it won't open or move me up there.

                      Even the walkthrough I've found on another site is no help - even doing exactly what it says I still can't get to that bloody box.

                      Before I give up on this game and its maker for good and all, can anyone tell me what the problem is? What am I not doing?



                      • Janie:

                        Ok I am kinda stuck - I got things done on the balcony and now I'm inside and got a key with a small cog wheel. I am guessing this is the key to go to the basement. But it seems like where the key should go, the crank thing is blocking the key hole and I can't insert the key. Or there is somewhere else that I can put this key? please help. Thank you.

                        I realized I was totally looking at the wrong place for the key hole. I should have checked the
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                        • wow what a day long adventure... finally OUT !!!
                          thanx for help "everyone" excellent game...

                          enjoy life


                          • Pew, that took me ages. And I still had to use a walkthrough at two places.
                            Great game but sooo hard.


                            • Ugh... started playing and remembered this was very long and involved (played before & forgot). Still had to use the walkthrough for quite a few things!


                              • Loved this one, had to use hints sometimes.
                                Thanks for the hints, and tanks for making this game!