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  • Escape Diary House

    This is a room escape game in Chinese. Go through the strange rooms, collect and use items, and solve puzzles to get out. Good luck!

    EDIT: There are language barriers to finish the game.

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]
    Working on the next game

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    First!!! Yay Me!

    ok, well I seem to be having an issue loading the page... It may be because I am on my work pc. Darn firewalls!!
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      Hmm....ive picked up a few things so idea what the paper or book says


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        Same here Celeste. Whatever they say looks important. I never found any hotspot in the circle room either.


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          RBS, have you found the
          A woman has the last word in any argument.
          Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

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              Okay, use the
              And now we have another seemingly useless object.

              If you
              A woman has the last word in any argument.
              Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

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                thanks, I was having trouble using items. All I could do was make their picture bigger.

                So far I have only been in 4 rooms and not much else to look at.


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                  I know, I'm stuck too.

                  Tab works, but I'm not seeing anything that I haven't already clicked on.

                  I'm thinking that the TV is our next step, but I can't understand anything.
                  A woman has the last word in any argument.
                  Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

                  sigpic I LOVE COWBOYS!


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                    I"m gonna come back later and look at posts. You would think a hammer would be handy but no sign of one.


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                      Okay, see ya.
                      A woman has the last word in any argument.
                      Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

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                        Theres part of the last page of the book missing, cant find it anywhere I got 7 items in my inventory


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                          Hahaha. This is in Chinese. Might be able to help with language stuff. Give me some time to play through =)

                          Firstly, note on table seems to be someone thanking you for helping...and someone says that if you find a blue(possibly green) card, you'll be able to open the door. And if you find a diary, it might contain clues.

                          Now for the diary, Nothing much...but

                          First entry, person just moved in but someone told him/her that it is dangerous.
                          Second Entry, some friends came over and gave him(let's just say it's a him) a present and that he was not to open it until Children's Day. He put it in the password drawer and let his friends set it.
                          Third entry, he gets a threatening letter that scares him.
                          Fourth entry, he's spooked by a video that came with the letter.
                          Fifth entry, there's murderous intent in the air...he's deciding whether to move out or not, but someone just moved in to an empty room.

                          Zzzz....I'm lost. Has anyone checked the cat's bottom? =S
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                            Lol, yes, I saw it wasn't Japanese, but didn't dare to put a specific language because I wasn't sure Thanks for the info
                            Working on the next game


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                              Game description:
                              a friend sent me a gift, but he said that I couldn't open it before Children's Day (which is 5th May) and that I had to keep it in the draw with the lock, which only he had the PW. Friend said when the time came, he would let me have the PW. I live in this empty house, it's a bit scary. Plus I received the threatening letter that implies death. I am wondering if I should leave here. At the back of the house, a man moved in. He seems really familiar. In {I want to enter the door} (this game, I presume), you entered the room but you found some really strange things. Where is the secret diary? Where is that green card? What do the words on the rod (from the picture) mean? What about the still picture on TV? Everything is waiting for you to uncover.... please wait for the next episode of {mysterious long nose}.

                              Found a translation of the first note:
                              hello, thank you for coming to my home to help me. i don't know what happened but i got locked in(or something like that). there was once someone did tell me that i had to find a green card knife to get out. 9958! i cant find. maybe the lost diary's dated entries would have mention of it.

                              wishing you good luck

                              The Scroll writing:
                              you leave a mark when you walk on snow. Each room/space has its own treasure. All it is waiting for is the treasure hunter to discover what is hidden. Only those who tiredlessly and *orderly* look for this treasure will be the winner

                              Book page 1:
                              1st of may, thursday
                              i've just moved in here today, some have said that this place is dangerous. i don't reallly bother.

                              2nd of may, friday, cloudy
                              weather changed for the better, friends are here too, they sent me a present, said that when i have to use it appropriately. but i'm not allowed to open it before children's day. i left it in the safe, had my friend set the lock and had him told me that he would only tell me of the code till the right day.

                              3rd of may, saturday, rainy.
                              i was looking forward to the day when i can open the gift but today i received a horrifying letter telling me to move out!

                              4th may, sunday, sunny
                              it's sunny today, but i'm still anxious. that letter did not state it's sender's location or source, i looked at the tape recording of the doorway(he has a security camera), at the stated time there was a shadow

                              Page 2:
                              5th may, monday, sunny
                              the air is rife with death, i'm still considering whether i should be leaving this place or not. but today, i discovered that in the house behind, there is a stranger whom looks really familiar

                              6th of may, tuesday, sunny
                              today's boring, gave my house a layout drawing. (two storeys)
                              (continues on page 3)

                              Still looking for more

                              Have found the code to the drawer....want me to post it in a spoiler?

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