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    420 where is the safe?

    nvm found it


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      let me know if you get anywhere with that!
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        Thanks 420

        do you think animal tracks have something to do with code


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          i know i have read over the notes and journal, and cant come up with any kind of 6 digit code that works yet

          :edit: I also tried maybe finding all the animals in the room, but there are only 5 animals in the room... other then in paintings.. but i dont know which track would be an elephant lol...


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            reset the game by using the deer's antlers


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              Metal pieces go

              How did you make bunny cry? nvm

              I gave one bunny
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                I am missing quite a few metal pieces.. anyone have any ideas where there are some? think I have found like 10... seems like there are another 10 to go lol...


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                  i think i'm missing 6


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                    yea i had them thanks... i have clicked everwhere imaginable i think lol... i found that i can lower the birds leg, and also open the hippos mouth, but neither seem to do anything for me...


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                      daft question but where's the chainsaw ? I have 11 metal pieces


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                        to reset the puzzle on the safe you need to move the deer antlers

                        but even with that I still can't figure this safe puzzle out

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                          now missing 5 pieces

                          you must be missing others if you only have 10, have you checked around sink and fireplace?


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                            has anyone had any luck with the safe yet?

                            :edit: Also tying the birds legs, and frog.. did you get anything for that? because i didnt...


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                              yes crowbar frog, get fishing rod

                              need 4 teeth now, got 25 bits I think


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                                can someone please tell me where to find the chainsaw ?