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    Hey Wouter


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      Originally posted by Mindsmasher View Post
      I can't find anything to
      with. There must be another



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        shining star what is the math puzzle under the fish tank, I don't get it?

        nvm, thanks
        We're the apple of His eye


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          Magic school (in intro) .. wonder if they know the charmed one's sons? Well, we see the 3 charmed ones in this? Need to know! (really need to avoid dusting .. or vacuuming or ..).
          LOL - a protector from the dreaded evil eye. Sure .. right .. NOT MY EVIL EYE that I gave the kids when they were out of line.
          I think there has got to be a better ending then the one I got - on the moon evidently with Mary's lost lamb and some gal. Thought we had to save him?
          Any ideas? .. break balloons? just didn't find a pin or knife or missing piece (maybe in chair) ..

          Another day - a restart of the game.
          Picture - is that one of those that look like one thing and then another? Like the profiles and the lamp? Or the old lady and the young lady? .. all I see are two seahorses.
          My hula girl is very disorganized today - from one side to the other numerous times .. Did she party all night?
          I thought maybe after adding last piece I could go back and check other areas for an opening - but no .. dragged screaming and biting and kicking through the door .. well, not really BUT no choice but to go to the moon .. I tried the stick on the soft spot as well as the chair.
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            Did anyone ever find the 6th rectangular shaped thingy?
            "People don't suffer from Asperger's,
            they suffer from the ignorance of others."


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              Little Hostage Video Walkthrough Here: