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    A new escape game in a foreign language. Not quite sure if there is a language barrier yet.

    Note: Doesn't seem to work in IE, but works in FireFox.

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a full walkthrough, which is a request from the author of this game.

    So far I have:

    EDIT: Ok so I used

    Aaand I'm out. Never found the item for the last space.
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    do you have an alternative link to this? it isnt seeming to load


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      Not sure where the trouble is. It works for me.

      EDIT: There is some suggestion that using IE will just give a green screen. Worked fine in Firefox.
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        Yay I'm out. That was easy. Anyway, Firefox works for me.
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          I have all but

          I haven't been able to use the scissors yet, either. I'm sure it's really obvious, too.

          Never mind. Used the scissors and got the bead.
          Did anyone else see the final video?
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            I'm out! I think! Lol!
            Cute game
            Thanks for posting it
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              Originally posted by stickymango View Post
              Aaand I'm out. Never found the item for the last space.
              If you play the end sequence and play again you get

              Edit: Ah ha
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                playing in IE ,no problem

                did all ! no cell phone ???

                out (i think)
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                  Out on 2nd part of game - not sure if good ending or not!


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                    What do you do with the cloth?'

                    Oh, NVM got it.

                    Out after second time with cell phone. Used code on phone, nothing much really happened.
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                      got all but the black ball


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                          I am playing this on FF
                          I have

                          I also have

                          and that's all
                          now what?

                          I got help from another forum and
                          I am out
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                            how come nothing happens when I click on items, and I can't seem to move from the first screen?? oh nvm, I figured it out.
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                              can't get pink bead... what do you do with the scissores