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Heyaka Raderu ~ Escape the Room

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  • Heyaka Raderu ~ Escape the Room

    Another Japanese escape game. Find, collect, and use items to find your way out and escape the room!! Good luck and enjoy!

    (A few translations taken from doradora's post from Nordinho. Thank you! )

    **To examine an item closer, just double click it. The two buttons in the bottom right make you start your game over. I learned the hard way. **

    Play HERE.

    (Select the first option on the left. )

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Click image for larger version

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    Found: for traffic for enviroment for industry for population for security for commerces


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      I think I will join ya. I was gonna go to sleep....but I will give this a go!


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        Don't know what to do next.


        And.. for traffic for enviroment for industry for population for security for commerces


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          Eek!! I went to do an "ABOUT ITEM" thingy, and didn't know which button to choose. Seems I chose the wrong one, and restarted my game.


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            You have to double click to do an "ABOUT ITEM" thingy!

            I'm out!
   for traffic
   for enviroment
   for industry
   for population
   for security
   for commerces


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              I just read that after closing my game again to try the other button. Ooopsy!! Before my game closed I had

              But I'm too tired to continue. I need sleep. Thanks for the tip and good luck, Qinqi!


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                aaaaaah ,needed 2 more items and clicked something wrong ,start over

                cant seem to turn pages of book

                think i need

                and out ! nice game
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                  and i'm out too,nice easy game


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                    I'm out! Nice game! Thanks for posting it!
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                    I'm back!!!! Yaay!!! I missed you all!!!!


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                      last 2 coins

                      Can find the last 2 coins
                      so far i got

                      missing the bird coin
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                        I'm out! Nice game, thanks for posting.
                        maybe a
                        helps to

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                          where is the fox coin?

                          nvm found it, i'm out!
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                            Very cute game!
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                              I have the 2 last boxes in my inventory, empty
                              Where is the
                              that you are talking about?

                              I am out and never found a book
                              who knows...
                              Thanks for the game, anyway

                              or is it the book that takes me to the magic island
                              after I am out?
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