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Escape From Original Room 3

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  • Escape From Original Room 3

    Yet another escape the room type game from the creator of Escape from Original Room. Find, collect, and use items to solve puzzles and escape the room! Have fun!

    I do not yet know if language will be a barrier to complete the game.

    Play HERE.

    Please don't post a full walkthrough until June 13.

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Click image for larger version

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    Wow, the people who named this must've been very creative. j/k

    Soda Beverage of the Looney Bin


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      LOL - now you can see why I may have missed it in my search.


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        wow dis game is hard.

        me is stuck


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          I'm stuck too, Choc. I have
          Stuck now.


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            Sorry, i can't figure out how to use spoilertags, tried it the way it say in the first post but that didnt work...

            I am stuck with trying to open the box, got some hints from another forum but still can't open it.
            Power of posting, i am out
            Last edited by EscapeGirl; 05-31-2008, 08:20:42. Reason: Added spoiler ;)
            Nordinho addict


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              No problem, Norway. And I thought I did....but I haven't located it yet.

              And if you're the same member from Nord, the spoiler tags should be the same as on Nordinho.

              Wow! Congrats! You're quick!!!


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                Yes that's me

                Clicking the ? gives me a new box and i have no idea what to write in that one (yep silly me LOL) unless that's where i am suppose to write what i want in the spoilers......

                Lets see if that works

                didnt work.....
                Last edited by EscapeGirl; 05-31-2008, 08:32:06. Reason: Added spoiler ;)
                Nordinho addict


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                  Ah-ha!! Thank you, Norway!! Got that. Now, to see what I can do now....

                  To make spoilers....try typing this: without the * sign. [spoiler*]type your hint here.[/spoiler] And you can test them HERE.

                  And it's good to see you here on GH!


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                    Thank you, that worked
                    I have been a member here for ages but you know how us Nord addicts are, it's not often we wander away from nord LOL
                    Nordinho addict


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                      Glad it worked.

                      LOL, I know. We Gamershooders are the same way! Though a lot of us have accounts there, too.

                      Okay, now I have


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                        Use the
                        Nordinho addict


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                          Thank you! Unfortunately, I'm not finding that
                          .....I'm getting a great workout for my index finger though!


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                            this is wat i have
                            a screwdriver (used), a grey paper with numbers on it, tweezers (used), a magnet with wire attached (used) and two screws.
                            i know where the screws are meant 2 go but it looks like there are another 2 to find.
                            any ideas?


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                              Oh, I'm so stuck. I can't find the

                              I think I will go to sleep now. Gotta get up early. Night all.